Our repertoire includes dance pieces set to contemporary Persian classical music, regional folk dances of Iran, classical Tajik dance set to mystical Sufi poetry, folk dances from the Tajik regions of Badakhshan (the Pamirs) and Kulob,
and folk dances of Afghanistan. 

Some examples of dance styles in our repertoire are:

Persian classical/concert dance
Guilaki (Iran)
Kurdish (Iran/Kurdistan)
Shashmakom (classical Tajik)

Munojot (classical Tajik)
Sezarb (Badakhshan, Tajikistan)
Rapo (Badakhshan, Tajikistan)
                                              Kulobi (Kulob, Tajikistan)                                                         Atan (Afghanistan)                                                                    Herati and Logari dance styles (Afghanistan)